Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Thanksgiving Day Lookbook | Bold Yet Relaxed

Curvy blogger with mustard blouse, green bomber jacket, denim jeggings, cognac boots.

As promised, I'm sharing another outfit to inspire you to get cute yet comfy and relaxed for Thanksgiving dinner.  This is basically the same outfit from the previous post.  With a few accessory changes this outfit is a success to wear for Turkey Day...yummers!  I can smell it cooking.  Can you feel my excitement?! HA!

mustard blouse, green bomber jacket, denim jeggings, cognac boots, leopard print headband, gold tassel necklace
I  added this cute headband to spice up the outfit a bit.  You guys know my fave print ever is LEOPARD!!!  This headband is perfect for holding your hair back out of the way to go iiinnnn on that plate of turkey with all the fixin's...lol.  Do I want seconds?  Yes, please!!
This fringe bag has been in heavy rotation.  I've been trying to par down the amount of "stuff" I carry in my purse, and this bag is just the perfect size to help me do that.  I carry my life in my bag...lol.  But, I'm trying to opt for a "less is more" lifestyle as I've learned that things don't make me happy.  They can't fill the void that I long for, so I'm learning to let things go.  Anybody else on a purging journey?  What are you learning to dispose of in your life?
Green Bomber | Ashley Stewart

pleated blouse with peplum hem, dark wash denim jeggings, cognac riding boots, green bomber jacket
Y'all....this blouse has become one of my absolute favorites.  It was such a great bargain at Gabe's.  Y'all know I'm all for saving some coins!  I was so comfortable in this blouse, that I bought two...lol.  I'll share it on another post eventually.
thick thighs, round hips, confidence, fall color palette
Mustard Blouse | Merona for Target (found at Gabe's)

spicy mustard blouse, peplum hem, denim jeggings, cognac boots, green bomber jacket
See how this peplum hem just skims over my FUPA?  I'm absolutely here for anything that flatters this body and makes me feel confident.  And I must say I was definitely feelin' ma'self when I wore this outfit that day.
Curvy blogger with mustard blouse, green bomber jacket, denim jeggings, cognac boots
In other news, this necklace has also been on repeat and I pair it with everything.  I wish I would have taken a more detailed photo of it.  It features a long gold chain link necklace with two oversized pearls and a gold tassel attached.
This bomber from Ashley Stewart is the perfect outerwear accessory.  This particular one caught my eye when I was out and about at a new location I found called Simply Fashion.  Oh-em-geee, you guys!! They feature lots of trendy items for a fraction of the price.  This bomber is well made and I'm loving the color it adds to this outfit.  It's faux leather with a quilted print.  The inside is lined.  I couldn't find this particular bomber on the website, but I've linked the bombers they do have HERE.
Fringe Bag | Simply Fashion 

Listen....y'all, these jeggings have been an absolute workhorse in my wardrobe.  I've had them forever and now the threads are starting to come loose...literally.  I'm gonna go cry in the corner somewhere and then get myself together to go on a hunt for new ones.  I just loooove these though.  I don't know if I can find a suitable replacement to fit these hips and thighs of mine.  Pray for me...lol.
Curvy blogger with mustard blouse, green bomber jacket, denim jeggings, cognac boots.

I hope you've enjoyed this post.  I will be back for one more post inspiring you to enjoy your Thanksgivinig Day, while remaining cute and comfy.  As always....

Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be YOU!



  1. I love this outfit on you and that handbag is perfect.

    1. Thanks Mz. Neti! It was so easy and comfy to wear :)

  2. perfect thanksgiving day outfit! Love the bag too

    Life is just Rosie

  3. love this casual yet colorful and stylish look! this top is ssssoooo pretty

    1. Isn't it divine! I love this color palette as well :)

  4. awesome fall outfit ideas! I love that colorful top! super cute for Thanksgiving! have a lovely holiday season!

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    1. Thank you so much! Hope you had a great holiday as well :)

  5. I love the top. That mustard yellow is the deal. I do agree with you, too much baggage isn't needed. i'm also doing he same thing of letting stuff go especially the ones that add no value to my life. great post

    1. Thank you! Letting go at this season of my life is an absolute MUST. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog :)

  6. I'm still not over fringe! Love that bag!