Sunday, January 25, 2015

How NOT To Wear an Abstract Print Blazer and Denim

So, I'm shopping my closet this past weekend and what do ya know, I have loads of  I guess I have a love for them because they can dress up the most simple outfits.  I plan to showcase ALL of the blazers I own in my next few posts.  Sort of an installment series, if you will.  I found this particular abstract print blazer at Goodwill.  The material has a good amount of stretch.  There's nothing like a good structured blazer to pull a look together. Unfortunately, this blazer is not a great representation of structure on my body.

Goodwill purchase
Abstract Blazer found at Goodwill

Some people debate the fact that wearing a blazer is NOT a way to dress up a pair of denim, but I beg to differ.  I feel as long as it's done tastefully, you can pull it off.  And then there's the side of me that says, screw what others think.  Fashion is fashion and style is what you do with it.  If it doesn't suit your fancy, then don't wear it.

Jeans ~ Goodwill $7
I chose to pair this printed blazer with a white lace-trimmed cami from Lane Bryant and a pair of denim jeans.  They are a darker wash, fitted through the hip and thigh and slightly flared at the bottom.  I love that these jeans have good stretch, however, I'm still on the prowl for that uber perfect pair that hugs my wide hips and don't gape at the back due to the huge booty...thanks to my grandmothers...on both sides of the fam...double dose
Fringe bag ~ (old) Cato Fashions
And yaaaas honey!! I am still sporting this darn fringe bag.  I love it...sorry, not  It's so cute and funky.  Don't you think so?  While I love this blazer, after taking blog pics, I don't think it translated well on my body.  It's a bit boxy on me and doesn't really do much for my short frame.  Oh well, I will try again.  That's the beauty of blogging, you learn and grow from experience.  And I for one am not ashamed to say when things fail, and this was an epic

I feel when things don't turn out the way I planned helps me develop and blossom into a blogger who will  eventually nail it (most of the time).  Because let's be real, everyone has their off days, even seasoned bloggers.  Trust me, I've seen it with my own eyes, and this my friends just happens to be one of mine.  I'm okay with critiquing my own look and coming to the conclusion to tell myself, "uh-uh honey, try again"  This blazer will probably be going back to Goodwill.  Another lesson learned, don't buy things just because they're a steal.  If you don't love how it fits your body when you purchased it, chances are you're never gonna wear it.  Which translates to money wasted...ugh!! I need my coins!

Check out how some other bloggers are wearing their blazers and jeans below.  Most have styled them with boyfriend jeans.  I'm feeling their vibe. It's inspired me for a future post.

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Bellatrix Lace Print Blazer ~ Nordstrom

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Until next time...Peace and love,.. 
xo Kishina xo

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Feeling Blue

I know, I know...You've seen this sweatshirt before.  Lol, but it is sooo comfortable, y'all!  I recently styled this new favorite here.  Aaaand, I just had to wear it again.  This cobalt blue color has grown on me.  However, PINK will always be my favorite color.  It just SCREAMS girly, girl to me.  

As the title states, I've been feeling a little blue lately.  Mostly, because I've gained weight.  I feel heavy and sluggish.  I have no drive or energy some days.  However, I know my weight does not define me.  It's just a number on a scale.  Although I am all for loving your curves and it's so freeing when you can do that, I also want to be healthy.  

So as I continue on my journey to being healthy, I have to remind myself that I'm beautiful no matter what size I am.  And although I hate the fact that seemingly ALL of my clothes are a bit snug right now,  I will push to make better choices when eating.  I'll continue watching my portions.  I will make better efforts at moving more and drinking more water.  Aaannd when I cave to the late night cookie monster I won't beat myself up, but simply try again the next

I know these aren't the best fitting jeans at this point, however, they are the most comfortable pair I own.  The seat hangs entirely too low for me.  I'm sure it's because of my height...(short girl problems).  They're from Old Navy and were gifted to me.  I did, however, love the way this sweatshirt paired well with the denim.  Well, off to find new jeans to fit my current weight.  Hopefully, this time next year, my curves will be healthier.  Until next time....

Peace and love,
xo Kishina xo

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Blazer Flow

I thrifted this awesome houndstooth print blazer from Goodwill recently.  I am sooo in love with it!  A classic print always looks great when paired with a bold color such as red.  I also thrifted this button down as well.  With temps reaching to lows of 11 degrees this week I have been living in my denim and riding boots.  I decided to wear my blazer with these denim skinny jeans to church today.  My aim was to be comfortable and warm, but still look dressy enough for church.  I think this outfit turned out great!  Do you guys think so?  How would you have styled this differently?  I want to know.  Leave me a comment.  I enjoy engaging with my readers!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Hello, 2015!

2015 has arrived! A new year and new beginnings, for some.  For me, I don't really have resolutions.  I just want to refine those things that I began last year.  I plan to continue being consistent with blog posts.  I've enjoyed this as an outlet showcasing my passion for fashion.  I learned last year that I don't have to compare myself to others while doing something I love.  Sure, there are AMAZING fashion bloggers in the blogosphere, but who am I not to be great at what I do?  I appreciate the audience that looks forward to what I have to share and I'll continue doing my best at bringing new and exciting content to my blog.

Which brings me to the very first post of 2015!!  This is a small step out of the comfort zone for me.  I tend to favor wearing slacks or jeans during the cold months, and skirts are just really not my thing.  I've worn this skirt here, but when I restyled it I wanted more of a comfy chic look.  Wearing this was soooo comfortable, from the soft fibers of the cobalt blue sweatshirt, down to the low heeled faux leather boots!  I added some opaque black tights to the gams and simple accessories of a necklace and earrings.  At the end of the day, I love this skirt and will be restyling it more often during this year.  Look for it again, probably sooner than later.  Have an awesome week guys.  Until next time....

Peace and love,
xo Kishina xo

Sweatshirt ~ Just My Size

Boots ~ Avenue (on sale NOW for $30!!)

Skirt ~ Old Navy (Similar)