Monday, April 21, 2014

Sheer Polka Dots

I came across this post sitting in the queue and wondered why I hadn't blogged it yet. Well, I figured that out and came to this conclusion. It's simply not one of my favorite outfits. 

While the color palette of this sheer button down blouse is beautiful to me, I don't feel it is the most flattering to my shape. We all have a few things hanging in or closet that doesn't get much wear right?  Well, this happens to be one of my items that just kind of hangs in the back begging to get some play time.

Maybe next time I decide to wear it I will consider adding a skinny belt to cinch my waist and create a more curvy silhouette.

I do love my Lane Bryant boots though. I've had them for years. They fit my thick calves perfectly and the heel is my ideal height for strutting down the street like it's a runway... haha! Although this is not one of my favorite outfits, I still own this look fiercely... lol. I feel confident in knowing that clothing and accessories don't define me, but the content of my character does.

Have you ever worn something that isn't your favorite?  Leave me a comment and let me know!  I love interacting with my active followers :) 



Monday, April 14, 2014

Lacy Mint

I feel that nothing appeals more to my feminine side than things made of lace, chiffon, ruffles...get my drift.  At times my style can be a little edgy, but for the most part I absolutely looooove being a lady.  Naturally when I saw this baby hidden on a sales rack, I knew she was waiting on me to find her.  My heart literally skipped a beat as I snatched her quickly from the rack and headed to the fitting room.  I must have spent a good 10 minutes prancing around the fitting room with the widest grin on my face.  No really, the sales associate had to ask me if I was alright because I was in there so long...haha!

If you've read any of my previous posts, you would know that I take pride in finding a killer deal.  This lacy number was no exception.  The total cost of this outfit was less than forty bucks including my sandals.  Baby, it doesn't get any sweeter than that for me.  

What I love most about this top, is the fact that it flows away from my body.  It is not form fitting and is very forgiving of my problem gut (Lol).  I also adore the hi-lo hem of it.  It makes me feel very sexy and feminine.  You've seen these mint green jeggings before in a previous post HERE.  I opted to wear sandals as I am so tired of the boots and heavy shoes I've worn all winter.  I had to let my piggies breathe a little...

My brother was my photographer this day and he was making me laugh ever so hard.  

Because I love this top so much, believe me you will see it again.  This number will be in heavy rotation throughout the seasons.  I have soooo many plans for her.  

What do you feel is your signature style? Sexy, feminine, casual, edgy.... Tell me please! I'm dying to know.  Please comment below and continue to follow me on my personal style journey. I love interacting with my loyal followers.  Until next time remember to love yourself where you are, be confident and just be you.

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Black and White Stripes

Quick post today. I decided to wear this look to church a few weeks ago.  So, I just had to share it on my blog.  If you use Instagram, you can follow me there ms_kishina is my IG name. I post a lot of my looks there.  Anywho, black and white is trending heavily for spring and I have found loads of inspiration via blogs that I follow.

I opted to keep my accessories simple, since the blazer is a statement by itself.  A silver hoop, black clutch and peep toe patent pumps helped to pull my look together.  Overall, I love how this look came together and I received many compliments on this ensemble.

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