Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Black, Yellow and a Little Fringe

I've had this outfit post sitting in the queue for months.  In fact, I snapped these shots earlier this year before spring arrived.  I just never got around to blogging it.  I found this awesome yellow blouse at Ashley Stewart for a steal as this particular location was having a store closing sale.  Sooo, it's old and you probably won't find it online or at any brick and mortar store.  Ashley Stewart has been one of my go to stores in purchasing the latest in trendy fashions for my full-figured frame.  They offer a range of sizes from 12-26W.  This particular day I decided to pair it with my pin-striped slacks that were thrifted from Goodwill for only $4.25! Can you say I scored with that?!  

These slacks are from Lane Bryant.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I love some Lane Bryant, another fabulous brand for the full-figured curvy girl.  Let's talk about this fab faux leather fringed handbag with studded detailing.  This bag is the business!! I love it and carry it often.  Found this at Cato's Fashions....and it's old too.  I love how it adds character to what some may consider a plain old outfit.  What I've learned on this personal style journey, and inspiration from other bloggers, is adding accessories to your outfit adds dimension and detail.  It's the little details that I'm trying to pay more attention to.  I sometimes struggle with choosing what accessories to add to my outfits.  So I've decided to just try new things.  This is not a bag I would have chosen years ago as I used to very much be a "plain jane"...ugh! However, when I try something and then fall in love with it, I tend to wear it out until the seams come

I think I was feeling myself a little this day.  Would you agree? I was striking some serious poses, huh?

In other news,  I want to point out that I am not rich! While I love fashion, I have an EXTREMELY tight budget.  So while awesome bloggers such as Chastity Valentine, Marie DeneeNadia Aboulhosn, and Gabifresh are blessed in having opportunities to partner and collaborate with huge companies in the fashion business, I however am not...just  I'm genuinely inspired by each of these bloggers though.  They continue to make major moves in the plus size industry for us curvy girls.  The industry is indeed taking notice.  

I work full-time as a School Nurse and this is my hobby that I love to share with others.  My hopes are to inspire that girl who feels her frame is not ideal according to industry standards.  Eff their beauty standards!!  Do you, be you, love you!! You are the only one who is best at being who you are.  Until next time....

Peace and love,


Monday, November 24, 2014

Have You Seen Her?

I know my loyal readers have wondered why I haven't posted a blog entry since July 5, 2014.  Well, let's just say I took a very long break.  You guys have probably had questions such as "Where did she go?" and "Why the sudden halt on blogging?".  To be honest, LIFE happened.  You know, the roller coaster ride that takes you on all kinds of curvy twists, turns, ups and downs.  I sort of let my emotions get the best of me and I stopped blogging.  For one reason, I didn't feel I was inspiring full-figured curvy divas such as myself in the way that I thought I would.  I felt as though I was just a tiny voice in this gargantuan blogging world.  

There's already so many great bloggers out there with huge platforms.  For example, Chastity Valentine of GarnerStyle displays such exquisite style, and she nails it each and every post.  Oh my gosh I love her style!  Kristine of TrendyCurvy, well this lady is unapologetic as she serves it up on a silver platter.  Her curves are flawless!!  Another, Thamarr of Musings of a Curvy Lady slays me with her color coordination and beautiful silhouettes.  I look forward to reading all of these lovely ladies blog posts.  And well me, I'm just little old  

Truth is guys, I almost gave up on doing something I love because I began comparing myself to others.  I've learned, in my time away, that I'm the only one who is best at being me.  There are no carbon copies, I'm an original.  My love for fashion and style choices has never wavered.  But to be honest, my confidence did.  I've gained weight and that's another reason I quit blogging.  I felt unworthy to showcase fashion choices anymore.  But who am I kidding, that's what this blog is all about right?  I've just added a few extra  While those fabulous bloggers that I mentioned have a huge fan base and thousands of followers, it's okay for me to be me.  I've finally arrived at a happy place in my life right now.  I'll blog from now on because I love it, and not to compare myself to others.  There's only one me.

On to the the deets of this fabulous outfit!!  This teal colored knit top caught my eye in Goodwill the other day.  It was new with tags!! $38.00 new, but of course, my price $4.25.  You just can't beat that with a bat.  I immediately knew I would style this top with a pair of denim jeans and my newest favorite tribal print scarf.  You will definitely see this scarf again on a future  I wear it with a lot of blouses.  It was a thrifty find as well at only 5 bucks *breaks out into the Dougie dance*.  My shoes $7.99.  These jeans another Goodwill find $4.25.

One thing that I envy of all those great bloggers I mentioned is their awesome photographs.  I'm still working on shooting at the right angles and such.  My photographer is currently my 12 year old Yep, he does a pretty darn good job.  I'm always having him adjust angles while I'm still learning the best lighting conditions.  So, yeah I'm doing my best in showcasing my style to you!!

In closing, I've learned to laugh more while taking that loooong break.  And that includes laughing at myself.  So I hope to add a smile to your day or evening with these bloopers my son captured during this shoot.  He said, "mom you have blinked so many times on these photos".  I told him it was okay, and that I appreciate him helping his mommy.  Thank you for reading, and please leave a comment if you have enjoyed this post!!  Hang on for the ride, there's definitely more to come!!  Smooches!


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