Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Candid photographs of Me

Hi guys! I guess it took me a really long time to come out of my shell huh? Lol...well, I have been super busy and it just came across my mind that I started this blog way back in February 2013. Wow, there's  been a lot going on with me but anywho.... I just thought I'd share some candid snapshots of myself and the start of my love affair with all things fashionable. I would say that my style favors more of a trendy fashion. I do love to play around with vintage styles and classic styles also. Hope you enjoy! Please comment and let me know what you think. I'm still new to this blogging thingy :)

 Here's a dress I wore last summer. This also marked my 
one year anniversary of chopping my locs and growing my
natural hair.

I love this nautical look on me. And guess what?
Yes this curvy girl is wearing horizontal stripes.

I paired this dress with a yellow tank instead of the typical red
that everyone wears with nautical stripes. I loved it!

I found this faux leopard print cardigan while thrifting!
Score! Yes I do love to find a great deal and at only $3.75 
can you say winning??!!

And last but not least, here's my take on vintage. 
I found this lovely paisley print blouse with the
cute pussy bow that gives it a little flair. So classic,
yet chic. I paired with denim jeans and red faux suede shoes. 

Well thanks for viewing my blog guys. I promise to get better at this.
Stay tuned :)

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