Monday, June 30, 2014

What I Wore: Wedding Attire

I was invited to attend a wedding vow renewal with one of my best girlfriends this past weekend.  I'm currently on an extremely tight budget, so shopping for a new outfit was out of the question.  Oh, how I long for the day I can loosen the reins on it just a tad!  As I'm rummaging my closet, murmuring that cliché "I don't have anything to wear!", I came across this beauty that's been hanging there awaiting the perfect invitation to be worn.  Alas, I pulled out my little black dress and smiled.  It was perfect for this event! I am such a romantic at heart, so it was a no brainer when I decided to wear this to such a sentimental occasion.  Being the feminine lady that I am, I couldn't help but fall head over heels for this dress.  I think this has easily become one of my favorite dresses, simply because I love lace.  The all black dress with the black lace overlay in a floral design just screams all things girly to me.

Because the dress makes a statement itself, I didn't want my accessories to compete with it. I opted for a simple pair of ballet flats that were adorned with sparkly gold glitter.  I wanted to wear heels with this, but this day my ankles were adamant about not complying with  So, I listened and flats it was.  I truly admire curvy, plus-sized fashionistas of my height and weight who can rock those stilettos.  As the title of Beyonce's latest hit states... "Pretty Hurts", and I'm not about that life...sorry (lol).  I choose comfort any day over corns and bunions giving me grief...ugh! I do own heels though, just not many.

Let's talk about this cute belt!  I wanted to cinch my waist a little and what better way to pull a look together than accessorizing with a belt?  I scanned my belt arsenal (I have loads of them) and this is what I finally settled upon.  It is a wide belt constructed of a stretchy elastic, not an expensive one, but don't you just love the rose gold detailing on it, gaaah!  

My purse is one that I've been carrying for weeks now.  I love the style, shape and color.  It is nude and goes with practically everything.  Don't you just love things that are functional and versatile?  I adore how the purse compliments my sparkly, glittery ballet flats and my beautiful strings of  faux pearls.  I know that I could have opted for a fancier choice of purse, but truth be told I was rushing and did not have time to transfer things I needed to my clutch...bummer.

My final accessory that I felt would pull the look all together was a simple three strand pearl necklace.  I just love this necklace.  It's classic, feminine, and romantic.  I purchased it with the blush colored, floral laced brooch attached to it.  It can actually be removed and pinned to any other outfit that you would love to jazz up.  Overall, I loved how I styled this look. I received numerous compliments from young and old alike.  I'm still getting used to the fact of being ogled.  I've come to realize that just because people stare, sometimes it's because they are admiring what I'm wearing, hating the confidence I ooze when I walk in the room with my head up or simply they're too shy to pay a compliment.  Nevertheless, I always make sure to shoot them a smile and wave of my hand to acknowledge the admirers and the haters

It amazes me that the things I love in life are simple.  The fact that I can look great on a budget fills my heart with joy and puts a smile on my face.  When I find a great bargain, you would swear I hit the lottery or something.  I sometimes scream score or winning while shopping.  Yes other customers do sometimes stare at me with the blank face.  We all love a good bargain though, would you agree?  I left outfit deets below if you guys would like to know all about this ensemble.  These items are super old, so I'm not sure if they're still available in stores or online.  If you liked this post, please do me a favor guys and leave your comments below or share on your social media platforms.  I just love interacting with my readers.  When you comment, it truly shows that what I share matters not only to me, but to you my readers.

Dress:  Ross Dress for Less ~ $13.99
Purse:  Ross Dress for Less ~ $12.99
Ballet flats:  Wal-Mart ~ $5.00
Pearls:  Rue 21 ~ $3.99

Grand total = $35.97
Feeling like a million bucks = PRICELESS

Wedding day #selfie 

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Green Dots

"My eyes are green, 'cause I eat a lot of vegetables. It don't have nothing to do with your new friend..." ~ Erykah Badu

Hey y'all! Yes, I'm a southern Can't you tell? Anyways, I'm loving this green knit top I found at Cato's Fashion (on sale of course).  I'm trying to add color into my life...besides pink. It's my favorite.  I added some black denim jeans I scored at an Ashley Stewart store closing sale.  Decided to keep my accessories minimal with orange and gold bangles and a coral colored lipstick.  I'm always on the hunt for something different or a rare find.  I like how the sheer polka dots add interest and texture to the overall look.  However, I do think my outfit could have used a few more accessories since it is such a basic look.  I'll keep that in mind for the next time I style it.  Thanks, for stopping by and reading my blog posts.  Leave your comments below. I enjoy reading each and every one. I do encourage feedback.  Until next time....
Peace and Love,

Monday, June 23, 2014

Palazzo Chic


Quick post today. I wore this look to my niece's graduation a couple of weeks ago. I am definitely digging the palazzo pants I scored for just a few coins! Y'all know I love a great deal.

I believe this print is fast becoming one of my  Can you tell?

I wore this print here in this post, titled Bohemian Flow

and here in this post, Colorful Chevron

I love how my style is forever developing and changing.  I am truly coming into my own.  I leave you guys with a little Monday Morning inspiration from the late Maya Angelou. Uplift and encourage someone today. You never know, you may be entertaining angels :)

Peace and love,


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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer Love

So, summer is fast approaching.  I can't think of a better way to be summer ready than to have an ever-ending supply of dresses and shorts.  I mean it gets super hot and humid here in North Carolina and the air gets so thick it feels you can't breathe.  The outfit featured today is one I created for just a few bucks.  Y'all know I'm always looking for the latest deal.  I have to make sure I keep tabs on my coins honey!! (Lol)

I found this maxi-length dress at my local It's Fashion and it had just been hanging in my closet begging to be worn.  Because of the way it is made, I had no idea how I would style it when I purchased it.  It caught my eye, last one on the rack, and I just simply had to have it.  

This is actually the second outfit I wore this past weekend after attending a graduation for my niece.  We had to endure the blazing sun for over two hours as the graduates accepted their diplomas and officially began their journey into young adulthood.  I literally sweated out my two-strand twistout, causing the massive formation of the afro you see.  I love how this ensemble all came together.  I received many compliments on my outfit choice and was even featured on Instagram @bbbgirls4ever.  Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista also commented and liked another photo on my Instagram that will be coming to the blog soon.  She is like one of the very first bloggers I followed.  I was so stoked when I saw she commented!! Marie is the epitome what plus size fashion should be.  She loves all of her curves and is not ashamed her body. A very body-positive-minded lady you should check out her blog, I provided the link above.

The top portion is a denim vest and and a black sheer chiffon material flows from it. I decided, since it was so hot, that cheetah print shorts and a coral colored tank would compliment this look flawlessly.  It all came together so well, and I felt it was effortless yet chic.  You guys wouldn't believe how much I paid for this!! $6.00 yep!! This dress was a steal! It was already on clearance, however I noticed a missing button. Y'all know I kindly inquired if I could have an even better discount for the missing button, and yes the sales manager gave it to me.  Can you say winning??


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