Sunday, February 22, 2015

Weekend Style | Chevron Leggings and Red Button Down

This was such a cute outfit! Well, at least that's what I thought when I was wearing it, because I was definfitely feeling myself  in I found these chevron print leggings from Citi Trends.  They have fabulous on trend fashion items for the plus-sized diva who wants to make a statement when they step out.  The fact that these were on clearance for $7 was icing on the cake.  I chose to accent the color red in the leggings with this cute button down featuring grommet detailing on the arms and front pockets.  Added a pair of black riding boots, black cap, fashion sunglasses and I was good to go.  While some ladies may be self conscious about their thighs...(like I once was), I am not.  I have grown to love my body at any size and you should too.  If that's you, then yes I am speaking to you.  Love yourself at any size.  It is a gift.  Can't wait to restyle these leggings as I have many ideas in mind to play with all the colors in them.  I'm proud of me for learning to live a little.  Remember to have fun with fashion and try new things. You never know what you may like unless you try it.  Until next time....
Peace and love,
xo Kishina xo

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Pretty in Pink

Sooo, my love affair with pink  I can't help it, y'all.  I am a girly-girl to my core and I can think of no other color than pink to celebrate my love of being a woman.  I'm in such a happy place in my life right now and I am loving it! I enjoyed being in front of the camera in this outfit and I have to give my hubby kudos for shooting in such frigid temps this weekend.  It was FREEZING down south this weekend y'all, and this girl is not used to such disrespectful weather.  I shot these photos in record time and then ran inside for a hot cup of coffee and my favorite

Plus size Blush colored Sweatshirt ~ Cato's Fashion's

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Valentine's Day | Fun and Flirty

So I was originally going to do a Valentine's Day lookbook, but that idea got canned...bummer.  I wanted to show three different looks for the sweet day but this is all I got to shoot before my deadline that I set for today.  Don't worry guys, I have more fun and excitement coming your way soon.  Hold on for the ride!  2015 is only gonna get better for me from post to post.  I plan on upping the ante showing a variety of style options for my fellow plus sized ladies, so please stay tuned.  I have enjoyed perusing my blog and seeing my style evolve right before my eyes.  It is such an amazing thing to view.  I grew up a plain jane, so this blog is a way for me to cater to my inner fashionista that so desperately enjoys "playing dress up".  

Lip print sweater ~ It's Fashions
Lip shaped necklace ~ Gabe's

This was going to be one of the three looks I had planned.  If you're going for a fun and flirty look on V-day, you can't go wrong with this whimisical ensemble.  Dancing eyes will follow your bouncing, curvy figure that is plastered with juicy red lip prints. 

Plus-sized Lip print Sweater

Since I tend to favor a more classic style in clothing options, I could not believe how I fell in with this trendy piece when I saw it.  It is too cute, and I am loving it! I guess because it spoke to my inner "girly-girl" and she was SCREAMING at me to "Buy that shirt, buy that shirt."   Well  I quickly told her to hush and explained that 'hey this is a trendy item...we don't really do trends, right?'  She started to pout and I gave in so that is how I ended up with the lip print sweater.   Lol...cute story, huh?

Lips and Booties (plus size)

Anywho, I purchased said sweater at a one of my favorite trendy places to shop.  They have inexpensive items and are always on trend.  Plus size fashionistas and my straight sized ladies, you will not be disappointed if you shop here... It's Fashions.  There is no online website to purchase clothing, so if you have one nearby and you love trendy items you must get there  And be sure to bring plenty of coins, because you will want to buy LOTS of things.

Red lips and Red jeggings (plus size style)

Jeggings ~ Plus size (Cato's Fashions)

Plus size style ~  Metallic Purse (old)

Lip Print, Musings of a Curvy Lady, Plus Size Fashion, Torrid, Torrid Fashion, Distressed Boyfriend Jeans, Red lips, Fashion Blogger
Thamarr ~ Musings of a Curvy Lady (photo credit)

This is the photo behind the inspiration for my outfit.  Thamarr, noted fashion blogger, always serves fashion goodness every, single time she posts.  I look forward to her fabulous feminine style with a twist of fun and flirty on occasion.  Go head to her blog and check it out for yourselves.  I promise she never disappoints!

I hope you have enjoyed this post.  I love interacting with my readers! So, please engage with me.  Drop me a line, +1 this post, share on Facebook and Twitter.  Thanks for reading.  Until next time...

Peace and Love,
xo Kishina xo

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Sunday, February 1, 2015

On Sundays I Wear Skirts | Black and White Skirt

During the week it's not practical for me to wear a skirt to work.  I am a school nurse and although I'm not required to wear scrubs, I don't want to expose my wardrobe to possible vomit and nasal drippings.  It's a little discouraging at times because I feel my inner "girly-girl" is hindered from showing her true colors.  I try to make up for that by painting my face and swiping on a pretty lip color.

Plus Size Sweater ~ Lane Bryant
(please note this was found at an outlet and may not be available on site)

Guys, I have about six or seven skirts hanging in my closet, begging to be worn.  So I've decided on Sundays I will wear skirts as much as possible.  I will style and remix them as best I can, but they have got to be worn.  I love 'em too much to let them  Ah, the struggle of a thrifty diva.

Plus Size Skirt ~ Lane Bryant
(please note this skirt was purchased at an outlet and may no longer be available on site)

This first post of my Sunday Skirt series features a gorgeous, black-and-white, floral print skirt.  It's a pencil skirt that's slim-fitting and cut straight and narrow to my frame.  Honey, let me tell you, while I do love the look and clean lines of pencil skirts, I do NOT love the limited movement in them.  I'm a curvy girl with a huge booty and I have to be very careful not to take wide steps or bend the wrong way.  I'm going to try to experiment with different silhouettes.  However, I have to warn you that I have several of these skirts in different colors.  Couldn't pass them up because they were a killer deal.  I can promise you a variety of ways to style a pencil skirt though, so stay tuned. 

Skirt and Sweater ~ Lane Bryant

Outfit details
Sweater: Fine Merino Collection by Lane Bryant (via Gabe's) $7
Skirt:  Lane Bryant (via Gabe's) $5
Ankle booties: Old

Skirt and Sweater ~ Lane Bryant

Style Considerations:  This sweater is made of acrylic and merino wool.  It is a fine wool, very soft and delicate.  I'm wearing a 18/20.  The skirt has a bit of give and is stretchy.  While movement is restricted, it isn't so bad to where you can't breathe.  I have on a size 22.  I'm also wearing a waist cincher under my garments to give me a more shapely appearance as I work on toning my  Shape-wear is a must when wearing body hugging garments, you have GOT to start with a smooth foundation.

Peace and love,
xo Kishina xo