Monday, March 21, 2016

Gothic Glam

Plus size black tunic, maroon printed leggings and black stacked combat booties

My style is evolving yet again.  I've noticed that here lately I'm gravitating to more comfortable yet cute style options.  I've had no desire to wear pencil skirts, and button downs.  Yet, there are more than I can count hanging in my closet right  That's another post, though...moving on.

I found this black tunic style shirt that is sooo comfy, it literally feels like wearing pajamas.  I love the sharkbite hem and the fact it covers my rump thoroughly because *ahem* big booty  I decided to pair it with an old pair of printed leggings I dug out from clothing purgatory and taaa-daaah!  This pairing was so cute, effortless, and chic.  Kind of goth vibe so I went with my stacked combat booties and vampy lip.  What do you guys think?
Plus size fashion, glam goth, booties, leggings, vampy lip

plus size, glam goth, confidence, fashion, black tunic, vampy lip, stacked booties, print leggings

curves and confidence, gothic vibes, stacked combat booties, tassel necklace, print leggings, black tunic, natural hair

Black tunic, shark bite hem, stacked combat booties, print leggings, tassel necklace, trendy shopper

plus size gothic inspired, black tunic, printed leggings, thick thighs, stacked combat booties, natural afro, long tassel necklace, trendy, thrifty shopper

plus size gothic glam, black tunic, printed leggings, stacked booties, tassel necklace, natural hair, trendy

glam goth, long necklace, black tunic with sharkbite hem, maroon and black printed leggings, stacked combat booties, natural afro, hand on hip

gothic glam inspired, black and white specs, long tassel necklace, tunic, leggings, booties, natural hair

gothic glam, tunic, leggings, stacked combat boots, long tassel necklace

Black tunic, glam goth, printed leggings, black lace up booties, long tassel necklace, afro hairstyle

Relaxed and confident, plus size fashion, black tunic with sharkbite hem, maroon and black printed leggings, stacked combat booties, silver colored tassel necklace, thrifty shopper, trendy shopper

Gothic inspired, black tunic, printed bottoms, stacked heeled boots, tassel necklace, natural afro hairstyle
Outfit Details:
Shirt | Rainbow $9.99
Leggings | Old
Booties | Just Fab (Old)
Necklace | Gabe's $3.99


  1. Yes comfy always wins! Very cute!

    1. Girl yes! That is an ongoing theme for me right now. Cute and comfy :)

  2. Great look! Loving the leggings/boots hook up.