Monday, March 17, 2014

Living My Life Like It's Golden

   While sifting through photos of outfits that I haven't blogged about yet, I came across these. I remember snapping these last year as the fall season was coming to an end. I'm still new at blogging and for some reason I just can't seem to be consistent in cranking out fresh content on a regular basis.
However, I'm always reading the latest posts from all of the wonderful fashion bloggers that I follow. Believe me I have an extensive blog list, I love fashion that much. I usually read new posts at the start of my day with coffee cup in hand. I draw a lot of inspiration from my regular blogs I follow.

As a new blogger, I'm learning new things. Things about fashion, things I love about myself, things that could use improvement. What I have come to realize about myself is the fact that I love how my confidence has grown as I've grown. I know my photos aren't as "professional" as some bloggers I follow. I have different photographers (family) who help me out with "photo shoots" Some snap willfully while my little photographers (sons, nephews, daughter..) are sort of dragged into a session. Oh, and they are the ones who want to be paid. Things I can improve on is setting a goal for at least one outfit post weekly. I know as I continue to blog on a consistent schedule I will eventually capture better shots and settle into my niche. I definitely haven't figured out what that is yet.

Until then, I'm gonna keep living my life like it's golden :)


Outfit Details

Sequined top ~ old

Pants ~ Wal-Mart

Shoes ~ Rack Room

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