Sunday, January 26, 2014

Warming it Up in Winter

I love how this ensemble came together. I decided to wear this to church and received lots of compliments on my clutch. Being a mother of four and trying to remain stylish on a tight budget is actually a fun challenge for me.

I put this outfit together for less than $40. So let's talk about the deets! The orange sweater was scored at one of my favorite thrift stores Goodwill. It was less than 4 bucks. The white button up and denim skinnies were gifted. I'm so blessed :)

The gold belt came as one of a set of three and cost around 3 bucks. My nude peep toe pumps were what cost the most at 25 dollars, but I got a second pair (black) for half off. I'm a sucker for a Finally the clutch I received so many compliments on...a whopping $4.99. 

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